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Rocky Mountain Solstice is a Personal Care Home for Seniors 65 and above. We are licensed through the Colorado Department of Health and we have been caring for Seniors since 1992.  Our specialty is dealing with Alzheimer’s and Dementia residents….or as we like to call them, “Pleasantly Confused”.  

Our personal philosophy is that each resident should be treated the way we would want to be treated…with respect, dignity, and a large dose of humor!

 Rocky Mountain Solstice promotes and protects each residents independence, to the day they are no longer able to do things for themselves. Then we are there to fully assist them through to the final transition.

Residents are not treated like they are old. We banter and joke with them like we would anyone our own age, yet always maintaining a degree of professionalism. They are considered family to us from the day they move in.


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